Enjoy JRR Tolkiens entire trilogy through audiobooks for free by taking advantage of multiple fee audiobook offers. Join Frodo & Sam Wise The Brave from hobbiton to mordor as you are whisked away to middle earth and guided through this classic adventure.


Free LOTR Audio Book

Why Enjoy The Lord Of The Rings through Audio Books?

To lazy to read? Love Lord of The Rings? Want to get to know middle earth a little better?. With audio books now available for almost any fantasy, novel, memoir and diary you could possibly think of you no longer have to be a keen reader to enjoy the great literature of the world. One of our favourite of all great stories (The Lord of The Rings) is available on pretty much all audio book services through freebies.

Most services will offer you a one time freebie, possibly 2 around the holidays, not quite enough to enjoy the trilogy. You can of course take advantage of several free trials for audio books and enjoy the entire collection.

Lord of The Rings is possibly the audio book to listen to. Our reason for saying this is J.R.R Tolkien has a notorious way of writing in a complex way. In addition many names are pronounced in strange ways and it can become confusing. So much so that within the books themselves there are guides on how to pronounce certain syllables and nouns. Forget about all of this and listen to someone do all the hard work.

When You click through you will be presented with the below page, this is where you can get your free lord of the rings audio book.


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