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Audiobooks.com is Audibles closest rival. For the average reader there is little difference, You will still manage to find all the great titles you are looking for from all your faviroute writers. The design and even the colours are also very similar, you may even mistakenly think you are in fact on audible.

At $14.95 it costs exactly the same as Audible , Initially there will see to be little difference, but there are little differences, for example Audible allows you to return books but Audiobooks has a family subscription option.

How much does audiobooks.com cost?

It is matching Audible in terms of price at $14.95 per month after your free trial. However you get 2 audiobooks, one from their whole library and another from their VIP selection.

How do I download audiobooks.com?

The easiest way is through the app, available on both Google Play (android devices) and the Apple app store (for all apple devices). You can also get on Windows.

How To cancel audiobooks.com account?

  • Go to my account in top right
  • And then it is just a click of the cancel link to start cancelling.

What does an audiobooks.com subscription get you?

You will be given 1 credit to buy a book each month regardless of price. You well also be given a 2nd credit which will allow you to purchase a book from the VIP selection.

Can you only listen to one book a month on audiobooks.com?

No, you can listen to as many as you like, but don’t try and listen to them on top of each other as that’ll drive you crazy.

How many books can you return on audiobooks.com?

No, they are definitely failing against Audible here where you are allowed to return your audiobooks. You must make sure you pick the right book first time round. The only way to return a book is if the audio is corrupted somehow.

Can you keep audiobooks.com books after free trial?

Yes, you own all books you get on audiobooks.com. It is the same subscription model as audible if you have ever used this.

Do I lose my books if I cancel audiobooks.com?

No, once added to your account it is your property, regardless if you are paying the monthly subscription or not.

Do you own audio books forever?

Yes, or until audiobooks.com is still around and you forgot to download your books.

Can I share my audio book with a friend?

No, unlike Audible audiobooks.com does not offer this feature.

Can I listen to audiobooks.com without a subscription?

Yes, get the app and just buy audiobooks as you wish to listen to them.

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