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What is Playster?

Playster is perhaps one of the only all in one entertainment services that can offer movies, shows, music, ebooks,audiobooks and games on one platform. This ability to be so inclusive is rare as most services focus on one market. The closest to this would be Amazon which offers music, movies, Kindle and Audible. However, Playster is able to offer all these services on one subscription and one platform.

How to cancel my Playster free trial

  • Go to the Members Area and click on the My Account icon in the left-hand menu.

  • Locate your current membership details under the Overview tab in the Plan Details section

  • To cancel your membership, select Change Membership.

  • Click Cancel Membership.

  • If you are on a paid membership, you’ll be able to continue using your account until your next billing date (but will not be charged again).

  • If you are in your free trial period, you'll lose access instantly.

IMPORTANT: If you signed up using our iOS app, you will need to cancel your account through the App Store/iTunes directly by following these instructions.

How much does Playster cost?

the price will depend on the package you choose. The options are as follows

  • Movies only - $3.95 per month

  • Games only - $4.95 per month

  • Music only - $4.95 per month

  • Books only – $14.95 per month

  • Audiobooks only - $14.95 per month

  • Playster Unlimited (all the above) - $34.95 per month

There are also family packages available with the unlimited package. With your subscription you will get one login but then you can add the following...

  • 1 extra user + $12.55 per month

  • 2 extra users + $25 per month

  • 3 extra users + $37.55 per month

  • 4 extra users + $50 per month

Can I keep audiobooks or books on Playster?

No, all of Playster operates on a subscription service, meaning you will only have access whilst you are signed-up. It works just the same as Netflix or Spotify rather than something like Audible where you own your content forever.

What devices can I access Playster on?

I suppose this is a complicated question as it offers so many different services. Where a TV device may be acceptable for Movies it is pretty pointless for a book, however you could listen to an audiobook through your TV, but then music doesn't sound great through my TV.

So... as an App it is available on the Play Store and the Apple iStore. This will mean it is available on most devices and PC/Laptop/Mac.

Where it is not available

  • It will not be available on Kindle as it does not allow competitors such as Playster.

  • It is not available on Amazon Apps, again they do not like offering competitors content.

Where it is available

  • Roku (best for movies and shows)

  • Android Phones (good for everything except reading due to eye strain)

  • Kobo e-reader (great for e-books ,the alternative to kindle powered by android)

  • Apple TV (again great for movies and if you have a decent speaker system attached great for music to)

  • iphones (good for everything on the go except reading due to eye strain)

  • PC and Mac (great for searching the library and managing your account)

Does Playster have any competition?

Although it is unique in the fact it offers everything under one roof I would still say it is competing heavily with the likes of Amazon which offers most forms of entertainment.

Does Playster offer Live TV?

No, Playster only has its library of acquired movies and Shows

What is on Playster?

One thing to note with Playster is all its content appears to be fast moving. By this I mean movies, books etc.. may only be there for a matter of months before content is replaced. This has created a lot of criticism to users reading books and then being unable to finish.

Movies – There is not a lot on offer in the movie library in Playster, most movies I have not heard of with perhaps a few cheesy comedies that I do enjoy.

Music – It advertises over 1 million songs but it lacks lots of classics. It is not suitable for parties or entertaining guests who may be expecting to hear classic hits.

Books and audio-books - It will offer a lot chart topping books and audiobooks. If you are a keen reader and constantly following top book reviewers then Playster has a bit more to offer. It does not have everything, as I did my test of searching for popular classics such as Harry Potter, and it came up short of such titles.

Games – The games section is as expected, Pc games and Android games. You will not find any chart topping games but rather just easy playing entertainment.

Playster Review

It is a great idea and one that will surely be the future of entertainment. Combining all services into one package just seems the natural way to go. However I do not think tying up games into such a service will be successful.

I also get the feeling that they are trying to fly before they can walk. The app has caused the biggest issue among subscribers with constant complaints regarding glitches and other technical faults. They should also concentrate on perfecting one service, building a loyal customer base and then adding movies and shows once everything else is perfect. Unfortunately all libraries of entertainment seem a little thin, although some are better than others.

Go for the free trial and make sure you get audiobooks as this is the part of the service you are most likely to favour.

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