Sling TV Free Roku Express or Free AirTV Mini Special Offer

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sling tv free roku express or airtv mini

Sling Tv is available on a number of apps, however it has developed further on Roku and AirTV, with AirTV being the most popular device for Sling.

To assist new Sling subscribers they are giving away a free device for all members who prepay for 2 months. The AirTV Mini retails at $79.99 whilst the Roku Express retails at $29.99.

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Roku Express

The Roku express is a simple out of the box budget option for upgrading any TV to a digital entertainment system.

Roku’s main selling point after its low price is the idea that it acts as a 3rd party streaming service with apps for Netflix, Amazon and Apple whereas devices from these companies directly often lack apps to their competitors.

The remote has Buttons to access Netflix and other apps directly without having to navigate, however the remote also feel cheap with big clunky buttons. It does not feel like it will last . This brings me to the overall build and quality which to be honest feels cheap.

Another huge drawback is the fact that to set-up your device you have to enter payment details even though you are not buying anything? This makes it more likely that you are to make in app purchases in the future. There is a way round this but you have to contact Roku support directly.

It is a great cheap and cheerful option for getting streaming services including Sling among many other apps on the Android Library, but please consider it is an entry level device so picture quality on large TVs is not great.

AirTV Mini

The AirTV Mini is made in conjunction with Sling and as such is advertised as the official streaming device for the service. This does give some distinct software benefits with the overall speed of the Sling App working very fast with no lag. It also includes a direct Sling button allowing you to quickly load up your Sling TV.

Compared to the Roku is instantly more premium in terms of build quality meaning we suspect it will be likely to last must longer.

Like Roku it is also Android powered and has all 3rd party apps that you could want.

The Sling TV app interface is nearly identical to Roku except it has a direct link to Netflix and it has a local channels interface. However the Local Channel interface requires a connection from your aerial to pick up your local stations, this unfortunately comes at extra cost if you have not already got this set-up.

The picture quality is also far better. As Sling TV now offers 4k content naturally its official streaming device needs to be able to provide the same.


As a Techy I would personally go for the AirTV Mini as I appreciate the extra quality on my large 4k TV. However if you are installing in a kids bedroom or perhaps an elderly parents house and just trying to bring them a little into the 21st century then the Roku Express is a great cost effective way of achieving this. Unfortunately as you need to pay 2 months upfront for your Sling TV subscription to get this deal you will not be eligible for the Sling TV free trial.

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