Sling Tv Halloween Offerings

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halloween on sling tv

All serious streaming services that wish to be taken seriously have to offer something special at Halloween. One of the most popular time of year to watch movies as the wet weather sets in before winter. In this post we will go through what Sling Tv has to offer this October.


Starting off the night we often have to make sure the kids are entertained, so the best movies available to watch will be

  • Scooby Doo the Movie
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Ghost Busters
  • The Adam Family
  • And the much debated Halloween/Christmas movie A Nightmare before Christmas

In addition to these great titles there will be plenty of Tree House Of Horror episodes from The Simpsons.

The Adults

As the night moves on and the kids sugar rush begins to fade then you may wish to watch something a little more entertaining.

Some great episodes available on Sling…

  • American Horror Story
  • Ghost Hunters
  • The Walking Dead

Classic horrors…

  •  American Werewolf in London
  •  A Nightmare on Elm Street

And finally for the truly disturbed teenage boys in every family…

  • Saw

Sling Tv is an all in one Cord Cutting service, if you are just looking for a great horror streaming service with a free trial so you can just watch something for Halloween then see our Horror streaming section here >>

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