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Bad News - the free trial is only available in international countries outside the US. Hower if you are a US user you can signup far easier on Amazon Channels through your Amazon account

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What is the NBA league Pass?

The NBA League Pass is a service available for NBA fans to watch all their selected games in one service.

It allows users to choose and build a package, so they are able to watch all their team or even any game of their choosing. It also then includes all the stats and team information you could want.

In essence it is the one and only place for basketball fans during the NBA season.

How to cancel my NBA League Pass?

What devices is the NBA available?

The NBA League Pass app is well supported across devices, essentially the main two apps are from Playstore for Android devices or from iOS store for Apple devices

  • Android Mobile and Tablet (Play store)
  • Android TV (Play store)
  • Apple TV (iOS store)
  • Chromecast (Play store)
  • iPhone and iPad (iOS store)
  • Playstation (only in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand)
  • Roku (Play store)
  • Xbox One
  • You can also watch on internet browsers with standard Mac or PC

There are literally hundreds of devices, but we recommend you have an up to date device otherwise certain apps may lose support or not work at all.  For example, Android should have version 4.3 and up, Apple devices to be running on iOS 10.3 or above.

What games are not on NBA League Pass?

Unfortunately, number of Canadian NBA league games are not available on the NBA League Pass, the full up-to-date list of these games is here.

NBA League Pass package options

I must say I love the way this app works for you as a fan, it is the main reason I have rated this at 5 stars.. As a UK citizen and a big fan of my football (soccer) team Arsenal like all Brits I am constantly faced with the difficulty of trying to find the right place to watch them play. With multiple networks all striking deals with the Premiership to show different games it is expensive and difficult. In fact I know no one who pays all the different providers to watch all games as it is just a rip-off. So to have a service where I can watch everything in one service and not only that but just pay for the games I want to watch! I might become an NBA fan.

  • Team Choice (£99 per year) – For me this is ideal, I only really watch the team I support, as I simply don't have time for anything else. It allows you to watch Every game of a team of your choice. If your team advance then it will include Playoffs and Finals. It amounts to about 82 games in a regular season.
  • League Pass (£179 per year) – Every Game, Every Team. That's about 1'230 games! That is a lot of games and personally I couldn't ever watch that much of anything in one season. It will also include Playoffs and Finals and is the ultimate package up for grabs.
  • 3 Game Choice (£34.99 per year) – A much more affordable option for anyone who knows they may only be able to watch the occasional game or the finals and/or playoffs. 3 games a month of your choice.
  • There are also the Day Pass, Game Pass and 10 minute Pass which are all quite self-explanatory.

Where is The NBA League Pass Available?

There are 2 types of League Pass services
1. NBA League Pass – Access for

Bermuda, Guam, Puerto Rico, the United States, U.S. Minor Outlying islands, U.S. Virgin Islands

2. International League Pass – access for almost everywhere with a few exceptions as follow..
NBA League Pass it NOT available in the following...

Central African Republic, Congo, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe
North Korea
North America
Middle East
Iran, Iraq, Syria

Basically anywhere at war with the US or with on-going cival wars.

How to access my NBA league Pass when Abroad?

Search for a decent VPN provider such as ExpressVPN and sign-up for a free trial to access the internet as if you are in your chosen country. You will then be able to sing-in as normal

What is the best device for the NBA League Pass?

So your ideally going to use your NBA league pass for various things...

1. If you are just looking for scores, schedules and general information then the best device is you phone or tablet, so make sure you are logged in on whatever device you have.

2. Watching the Games – at this point you want big screen loud noise. Unfortunately, the quality does not appear to fit large screens very well. However, it is still nice to watch on a big screen. Makes sure you have good internet for best quality possible. I would recommend a Roku 4k device (4k incase they update their quality stream in the future). Roku is cost effective and has many apps to enjoy.

What Browsers can I watch NBA league pass on?

The latest versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera will work the same. If you still have Internet Explorer then delete and download something else.

How can I pay for the NBA League Pass?

If you are downloading it from the Apple or Google Play store then the billing from your associated account will be used.
For paying on a desktop any major Credit/Debit cards and PayPal options are available.

How Many people can use NBA League Pass at once?

Probably the most generous I have seen. You can have up-to 5 streams going at once, way more than the standard 2 of most streaming services.

What is the NBA League Pass Virtual Reality?

The latest in PR stunts to be honest. You can watch the games in VR if you have a headset which can connect to your chosen app/device. For example, I can use my Samsung phone and a Samsung Gear VR headset to watch games. There are many headsets and ways of connecting to the NBA app.

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