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Please note the NFL Netwrok free trial is available as part of Fubo TV which may have regional restrictions for local channels. For a more complete offering within sports (NFL season) we recommend Hulu TV 7 day free trial

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NFL Network free trial is available for 7 days but only through Fubo Tv, signup for your trial today and enjoy NFL along with action from the NBA and MLS channels.

The NFL Network is the go-to place if you are an NFL fan. It has rights to the entire NFL season and decides what cable and internet providers can stream their content. It goes far beyond being able to just watch the games but offers a whole host of shows, interviews and popular presenters bringing you all the latest from the NFL.

How to watch every NFL game?

With the Free trial you get Fox, CBS and NBC along with NFL Network so you will have access to almost every single NFL game!

What can I watch on the NFL Network?

Firstly, and most importantly NFL games, this includes 200 NFL games which includes all Thursday night games, all preseason games, 96 replay games, past Super Bowls and Classic handpicked NFL games. When there are not games (which is a lot of the time) then there is round the clock NFL related entertainment. This ranges from highlights, talk shows, behind the scenes interviews and access (NFL Total Access) and much more.

What can’t I watch on the NFL Network

You will not be able to watch the games typically on Fox, NBC or CBS. or the Superbowl which is as standard on CBS or NBC. The NFL Network does not have postseason games either which are normally shown on standard channel such as Fox and local networks. The NFL Network is only one channel so remember it can only show one thing at a time, therefore if games are played at the same time then it will only be able to show 1.

However please note with the Fubo TV NFL Network free trial you will have access to almost every single game as it also has CBS, Fox and NBC.

How can I watch the NFL Network?

You can watch the NFL Network and NFL Redzone through most cable and Internet Tv providers such as Direct Tv. However, the sports packages are the most sort after so normally come at an additional cost. Our favorite solution is to watch with a 7 day free trial on Fubo Tv.

How much does NFL Network cost?

This can vary depending on the package of your cable or internet tv provider, but typically for the NFL Network you are looking at about $10 a month. For a list of internet tv/ cable cutting service see here.

What does NFL Network include?

The NFL Network typically comes with NFL Redzone. It can all depend on the package. Our NFL Network free trial option comes with Redzone, Fox Sport Network, Fox Soccer and many more.

Can I watch NFL Network online?

Yes, there are many ways to watch the NFL Network online, most of your options are through cable cutting services such as Fubo Tv, Direct Tv, Spectrum and many more. To watch online start your NFL Network free trial.

Will YouTube TV Get NFL Network?

Youtube Tv has plenty of NBA and MLB but does not currently offer the NFL Network, we will be sure to keep this answer up to date if anything is to change.

Can you watch NFL Network on Firestick?

Short Answer: Yes, but only through a cable cutting service that offers the NFL Network and works on Firestick. So one such solution Is Fubo Tv 7 day free trial

How do I cancel NFL Network?

A question with many answers depending on what Tv provider you are with. If you struggle just call your provider and cancel via phone, works every time!

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass Vs NFL Network

These services do differ, the game pass is gives you access to watch every NFL game along with the NFL Network and NFL Redzone. The NFL Network is a stand alone channel which includes all the extra shows which then shows as many NFL games as it can within its busy tv schedule.

It is also worth noting that there is a free version of the NFL Game Pass, however it does not offer any live games only replays, it does not offer the Redzone channel either. The Pass is also available globally.

How long does NFL Game Pass free trial last?

Sorry, there is no Game Pass free trial only 7 days on the NFL Network.

Is NFL Game Pass free?

Yes there is a free version but it does not include live games.

Is NFL game pass a monthly fee?

No it is either quarterly or annually.

Can I watch live games with NFL Game Pass?

Yes, as long as you have the pro version as opposed to the free service.

Does NFL Game Pass have commercials?

Commercials are a huge part of the NFL, many consider it to be part of the entertainment.

What does NFL Game Pass include?

If you are wanting the Pro version then you will have access to….

  • All 250 + NFL games
  • All Playoffs
  • Super Bowl
  • NFL Redzone
  • Full game replay
  • Highlights (40 mins & 5 mins)
  • Coaches Film
  • NFL Network
  • Content Downloads

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