The ultimate must try free trials that gave us months of unlimited movies, games and music

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The best free trials

For years I have been looking for all the best and most reliable free trials to add to this growing website to entertain you, if I have learnt anything it is that not all trials are equal.

Movie & Tv streaming trials are clearly the most sort after followed equally by games and music free trials, but which ones are the best, which offer you the most and which ones will not screw you over and make it impossible for you to cancel. Every bodies “needs and wants” are different so it is impossible to say what is the best free trial but lets have a look at a few options and why feel they are so worth it. It is also important to know what we must avoid, there are many scams and services they are only out to make a quick buck. Furthermore there seems no point to mention Netflix as we have all had our 30 day trial.

Fubo Tv

Fubo Tv is a cord cutting option available in the USA, Canada, Central America and a number of European countries and is designed to replace cable and satellite Tv. The reason it has made my shortlist is due to its sport networks. Its standard service has the NFL Network, NBA Tv, Fox Soccer channels along with many other sport channels. Out of all the cord cutting services we have seen this is the only one that offer them in the standard service without any additional packages, therefore part of the 7 day free trial. If we are to look at how much it costs to sign up to the NFL, NBA and soccer channels and also take into consideration getting them on a free trial is almost impossible then our argument for this being the number one free trial for sports fan is clear. Read full review


The Amazon prime service is great as it is a multi use free trial that gives us a lot for a full 30 days. Not many trials are offering music, Movies, Tv and free delivery on thousands of items, and even fewer still offer 30 days as many just offer 7 days. Cancellation is easy to manage and in addition you can also add amazon channels to your free trial which each offer 7 days free. Read full review

Curiosity Stream

A personal favourite of mine is the curiosity stream free trial, not so much about the specifics of the trial but more just because I love the content which is so different to all other streaming services, thousands of fantastic documentary and factual series that keep you entertained for weeks on end. Cancellation was also easy, for our full review click here.


The Gamefly free trial is the only one of a number of services that offers postal games for major consoles such as Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo, however Gamefly also offers DVD & Blu-rays keeping the old fashioned video rental market alive. As a 90s kid I sorely miss the days of VHS and DVD rentals and would love to see rental shops again, but online rental services are all I can hope for. I love rentals simply because once you have chosen a film you have to watch it, this avoids the habit I have on Netflix where I watch 10 minutes of 10 films before deciding what to watch. The cost effectiveness is another factor to consider, a new computer game is around $60 and when you can rent 2 games a month for $20 then it is a lot cheaper to test and play endless games than buying outright every time, especially if you get bored quickly.

I like free trial as it offers competition to Audible which is dominating the audiobook market. It is every bit as good as audible and even boasts a larger library. I had no issues finding any books and even offers many books with multiple narrators.


The Tidal Free Trial is my chosen music streaming option. All our options seem to offer 30 days with near identical libraries of music, with Tidal only offering a slightly larger library. The reason I have chosen Tidal is because it offers a higher quality of music format than any of its competitors. The compatibility and support to play through multiple music systems also makes it easy to ensure you are listening to all your tracks at the highest possible quality.

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