Best Netflix Tv & Movies With Isabèl Matei

Next up in our Expert interview series I have Isabèl Matei owner of the Facebook group Netflix (TV SERIES AND MOVIES)

Intro to Isabèl

Isabèl loves a number of TV series such as Supernatural. Her hobbies include travel cooking and watching movies/TV series.

If you are a member of the Facebook group you may or may not be aware it was originally a fan group for Vampire Diaries, but when the series ended and we could no longer enjoy the blue jewels of Damon’s eyes the group started losing members. So Isabel adapted the group and changed the name made it more generic.

Movie & Tv suggestions from Isabèl

If you are part of the Facebook Group then you likely have the same tastes in movies and series, so we will start off with Isabel’s list of suggestions for you too watch next.


  1. Money Heist – on Netflix
  2. Riverdale – On Netflix
  3. Lucifer – On Netflix
  4. You – On Netflix
  5. Insatiable – On Netflix
  6. The Originals – On Netflix
  7. The Vampire Diaries – On Netflix
  8. Shadow Hunters – On UK Netflix or on A Fubo TV 7 Day Trial
  9. The 100 – On Netflix
  10. The Witcher – On Netflix
  11. Merlin – On Netflix
  12. American Horror Story – On Netflix
  13. V Wars – On Netflix
  14. Sabrina – On Netflix


  1. Mama
  2. The Conjuring 1- On Netflix and Amazon Free Trial
  3. The Conjuring 2 – On HBO Max
  4. Case 39 – On Netflix and Amazon Free Trial
  5. The Ring – On Amazon Free Trial
  6. Insidios 1
  7. Insidios 2
  8. Insidios 3
  9. Insidios 4
  10. Annabelle – On UK Netflix
  11. The Nun – On Amazon Free Trial
  12. The Rain – On Netflix

Next we get to know more about Isabel in a simple Q&A

1. Which Medium or service do you use to watch Horror Movies

“In addition to Netflix I also use a DivX service to watch Movies and Series”

2.  Can you suggest some Hidden Gem movies everyone must watch (movies people may not have heard of). my opinion this movie is very captivating and the directing very good”

Oculus is a story of a woman trying to exonerate her brother’s murder conviction by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon. You can watch Oculus on a Starz 7 Day free trial here.

3. What made you set-up your FB group Netflix (TV SERIES AND MOVIES)

“My group was about the Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately the TV show has ended. The group was losing members and I thought it would be better to change the name and be about all movies and series”

4. What are your other favourite series on Netflix (Netflix originals)

Lucifer – Originally an Amazon series but taken over by Netflix Lucifer follows the Devils’ struggle with modern day life in the human world, balancing romance, work, immortality and obviously his immense power and undeserved reputation of all things evil.

Sex Education – A teenage boy with a sex therapist mother teams up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.

5. What are your favourite genres and sub genres of movies/TV and why

“My favourite genre is keeps you in suspense, your heart beats harder, you feel a kind of adrenaline, but also I like Sci-Fi, Witch, Vampires, Werewolf and Romantic Horrors.

7. Who are your Favourite Villains and Heroes

“My favourite villain is Kai Parker from the Vampire Diaries and my favourite hero is Supergirl”

8. Who are your favourite Actors, Actresses, Writers and Directors

My favourite actors are…

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Penn Badgely and Elizabeth Lail

directors and producers…

Kevin Williamson and Juli Plec

and writer J.K. Rowling

9. Give us your best and worst TV or Movie endings.

The Vampire Diaries has a good ending.. Elena and Damon become humans and live their life, and the worst is also the Vampire Diaries because Stefan dies to save his brothers life.

This Concludes my interview, I would like to thank Isabèl for helping us out and all her suggestions. If you would like more of these sort of suggestions then become part of the Facebook group Netflix (TV SERIES AND MOVIES)

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