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SaferVPN focuses on making security a priority. With 31 locations and unlimited server swapping it is probably better for those concerned with privacy rather than just avoiding blocks. As with most VPN the offer is 30 days money back guarantee rather than just a free trial where you are billed after the free trial period.

Safer VPN Free Trial

Get a 24 hour free trial no payment details needed and then a 30 day money back guarantee. The 24 hour Free Trial also has a data limit, which ever comes first.

Get your 24 hour Free Trial

Get your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Safer VPN current deals

As standard with VPN when you first sign-up you will be offered a huge discount if you purchase a year or more up-front

  • 1 Year rolling contract $65.88 per annum (58% disocunt)

  • 3 Year rolling contract $89.99 per 3 years (81% disocunt)

Safer VPN Pricing options

The standard prices are as follows

  • Monthly rolling contract $12.95 per month

  • 1 Year rolling contract $155.40 per annum

  • 3 Year rolling contract $466.20 per 3 years

Does Safer VPN have a free trial

Yes the Trial is for 24 hours but also limited in data, whichever comes first, you can get the 24 hour trial here or go straight for the 30 day money back guarantee.

Safer VPN Server locations

SaferVPN does not have as many servers as other VPN services, the locations included are as follows…


United Kingdom
United Kingdom (Streaming)


United States (East)
United States (West)
United States (Streaming)


 Middle East & Africa

South Africa
Hong Kong
New Zealand

Is SaferVPN Free

There is no permanent free option for SaferVPN. There is a 24 hour complete access free option. However When tested the data limits meant it only lasted about 5 minutes, very deceptive with the free trial offer.

Is Safer VPN Legal

Yes, most VPNs you come across are completely legal. The reason for this is they serve many legitimate purposes. As for Netflix and accessing other content that may not be copyrighted, it is not A VPNs responsibility to block themselves. It is like saying a car company is responsible for everyone who is hurt in crash. It is a tool to be used, and how you use it is up to you.

However any serious offences such as illegal content that warrants an investigation is still Illegal, in this case SaferVPN will comply with law enforcement.

How does SaferVPN work?

SaferVPN works by routing your Internet connection through a Virtual Private Network in several chosen locations (as listed above). They operate from he US and under US jurisdiction.

What devices is Safer VPN app available

SaferVPN offers its easy to use software app on several devices as listed below…

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Adnroid

  • iOS

  • Routers

  • Chrome plugin

  • Firefox plugin

How to Watch Netflix on Safer VPN

SaferVPN does work with Netflix but not all locations. If you are looking to stream then They keep a dedicated server to avoid the blocks, one for the US and one for the UK.

To watch Netflix on US or UK servers on your chosen device..

  • Windows – Install software on computer and you can watch through the Netflix app or on browser

  • Mac - Install software on computer and you can watch through the Netflix app or on browser

  • Android – download and install from app store, Netflix will work as normal from your app once you have chosen location

  • iOS - download and install from app store, Netflix will work as normal from your app once you have chosen location

  • Routers – Custom VPN router will can be purchased from SaferVPN, then you can watch Netflix on any device or platform once you have set up your location.

  • Chrome/Firefox plug-in – Simply install and activate the plug-in and watch Netflix on browser

How to set-up a router with Safer VPN

SaferVPN’s main offering above all competitors is its own custom routers. It is a simple idea and fantastic for small and medium size businesses needing multiple location access (such as trialforfree.com needing to review so many free trials from around the world).

No major set up is required compared to other router options for VPN services where you have to get tech Savvy. It is an out of the box solution, plug in and use the user-friendly interface to set your location. All Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections will be connected to the VPN.

Safer VPN Features

Features I feel are worth mentioning…

  • Custom Routers for out of the box VPN connection to all devices (but bought separately)

  • Kill Switch so internet is cut of if you lose connection, this is to ensure you always remain hidden.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and server switching

  • 24 hour free trial (realistically 10 minutes due to limits)

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 35 countries

  • Focus on security rather than anonymity from the law

  • Focus on usability

  • Good for businesses

  • US based, so may have to comply with authorities but not going to take your money and disappear (a more legit service).

  • Dedicated servers just for streaming

  • Connect up to 5 devices at once

Safer VPN Performance Review

Control test with up to 100 mbps internet in London 87.2 Mbps Download, 92.92 Mbps Upload

  • UK – Download 60 Mbps, Upload 75 Mbps

  • US – Download 57.47 Mbps, Upload 23.09 Mbps

  • Netherlands - Download 79.23 Mbps, Upload 27.78 Mbps

  • Hong Kong - Download 1.28 Mbps, Upload 0.37 Mbps

Browsing – for browsing I encountered no issues

Netflix – Not as good as some other services, with only a couple of locations working on Netflix

WordPress – it struggled on my WordPress web builder (cornerstone) builder as most VPNs have, I am still unsure why this is.

Safer VPN Security Review

SaferVPN make a point of security, it is even in the name. So, we should expect the highest of security. However, security does not necessarily translate to privacy!

  • Encryption: 256-bit AES

  • Protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2 (by default), IPSec, SSTP and PPTP

  • Kill-Switch: Yes

  • No DNS leak:

  • No WebRTC leak

  • No IPv6 leak

  • OpenVPN included

  • Handshake encryption: 2048-bit

  • Data authentication: SHA-256

With all these encryption names flying around you may be a little confused, but basically it is a very if not one of the most secure VPNs. However they do full under many Jurisdictions so your data is accessible to government under extreme circumstances. Obviously this is a good thing as we do not support such illegal activity. The security is perfect for a business level VPN service.

SaferVPN Support

We love to see a nice responsive chat widget. I was responded to within about 10 seconds by a man called Simon, very good chat widget answering my questions swiftly.

  • Chat widget – fast response and answering all my questions

  • Support help centre with question to many other answers previously asked

  • Ticket support for more troublesome issues

SaferVPN TOR compatibility

SaferVPN is not compatible with Tor browsers.

SaferVPN P2p

SaferVPN does allow P2P but only on the Netherlands Server at time of writing.

Safer VPN History and saved log

SaferVPN is only for really good security and streaming blocked content due to geographical restrictions. For this reason they do keep a log to comply with a number of Jurisdictions so they can cooperate with authorities when required.

They will not log everything, for example the following is not logged...

  • Your source IP address

  • Your DNS queries

  • Your VPN IP address

  • Your personal data

  • Your browsing history

  • Your metadata

This leaves data such as downloaded content with a possible question mark over it.

Safer VPN Jurisdiction information

SaferVPN is located in the US so is under all its Jurisdictions and laws. To be more specific Seattle Washington State.

Safer VPN Refund options

All the VPNs I have tested continue to be tricky to get the money back guarantee. Having said this the chat is very responsive and will put the request through for you.

The options for a refund request are...

Safer VPN Payment methods

Payment options for SaferVPn are as follows...

  • Credit or Debit card (Master Card, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB),

  • Paypal

  • Bitcoin

Safer VPN Overview

SaferVPN seems to be impressing many VPN experts and reviewers. Speeds are good, support is responsive and security is very tight.

I would say the one thing that makes this service stand out is its custom made Routers. This along with high levels of security and being a fully legit US based company make it the perfect option for businesses.

Whilst it does unblock Netflix and other services the ability is limited to just a few servers. For me this is not adequate as I like to watch the Asian versions along with various European options for some great foreign films.

For personal use I would not chose SaferVPN, but for business purposes then it is a very attractive options with plenty of security.

I found the 24 hour trial very disappointing as it only lasted 5 minutes and then said I was out of data. I spoke with the support about this and they quickly gave me access back to the VPN which was very good of them, but still disappointed in the 5 minutes it lasted.

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