Watch Attack On Titan, With Free Trial

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watch attack on titan with free trial
Attack on Titan is available through crunchyroll and Netflix free trials.
Probably one of the most popular anime, quickly building a massive global fan base, if you have never gotten into anime then perhaps you should start here. The Show is an adult themed anime and is based around a world where titans have claimed the earth and what's remaining of the human race live behind giant walls in one great big mega city.

This is as awesome as it sounds and more, never have any horror film/show or production of any sort ever made anything look as creepy and terrifying as these titans. They are large naked humanoids with no genitals/gender and essentially look like patients escaped from a psychiatric ward, running round, arms flapping with large grins and munching on anyone they can find.

Some points about the show are a little annoying, such as all the dialogue is shouted by the characters, but this is an established technique used in a great number of Anime and magna series. 

The episodes are short around 23 minutes a piece and there is currently only one series currently out, and as soon as you start watching you will find yourself watching all of them back to back and recommending it to all your friends and family.

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