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This is my first review for this blog and I thought I would start with a bang and review something that has a place both in my childhood and my current life, as it is just so good it has become an all time classic in my life. Simple and stupid, brilliant yet dumb this film has it all for me. There is one element to this film which is absolutely perfect, and that is the characters, so much so that the actual story-line is of almost no importance to me

The story line is basically a mick take of the original story by Hans Christian Andersen The Emperor’s New Clothes. In this case the New clothes are the Emperor turning into a Llama, although the similarities are mainly in the name of the story than the actual story itself. The villain is a typical Disney villain, best comparison would probably be Cruella De’vil from that dog film that I’m not a huge fan of. It is very light hearted and easy to watch which does not require too much brain power to enjoy.

A man trying to plead with the Emperor to save his house, a villain turning the emperor into a llama by mistake, and a journey to get his crown back whilst appearing as a llama. Plenty of opportunities for hilarious outcomes.



Kronk is probably ‘for me’ one of the greatest characters to come from the world of Disney, technically a bad guy in this movie but so much loved that in the sequel they decided to make the film all about him. We have seen similar characters many times before, a stupid character who’s innocence and cluelessness leads to a good guy victory every step of the way.

The film is fall of tiny little jokes and stupid little anecdotes throughout, and is impossible to catch them all in your first viewing, I’ve watched it about a dozen times in my life and still picking up things I’ve never noticed before. If your going to watch it then please keep an open mind with the humour and enjoy the silliness of it all, and pay attention to see how many stupid anecdote you can spot. If you do not find this film funny then I suggest you pull that broom out of you ar****e and lighten up a little as there are some real belly rumbling, throat choking laughs to be had in this movie, and is all done in absolute consideration of all ages making it the perfect family watch.


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