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Fury is nothing if not sheer awesome, the immense action, explosions and high level of detail. It is clear I am a clear fan of this film and anyone who just wants to be entertained must watch this as I promise it will not disappoint.

The Movie is simply about one American tank and its crew moving through Europe hunting and being hunted by the much more advanced German tanks. It does not take the route of making the allied troops good guys or the Germans bad guys but gives a far more balanced approach showing that in every war both sides have good and bad individuals just following orders.

Whilst struggling to find a way to describe how entertaining this film is I have to decided to just say this, the way the explosions look and sound, the way the bullets fly across the screen is just so much more satisfying than how hollywood has approached pyrotechnics before.

If you are faint hearted then perhaps this review is as far as you should go because there are scenes and small details about this movie that will will make your stomach turn, as it shows the dark truth of war. One scene that sticks out in my mind was that of a corpse buried in the mud as tanks roll on by, you will know the one if you ever watch this movie.

Good and bad is present in everyone, on every side and in every circumstance, we often forget this as human beings and only see things from one side (usually the winning side). Fury does a good job in opening your eye. From having allied forces do bad and individuals from Nazi forces showing empathy. This movie goes far beyond just being a good cinematic watch, and has decided to take responsibility in showing humanity in all it light and horror.

Brad Pitt plays a fairly typical Brad Pitt character (no surprise there, just disappointment). Jon Bernthal does his usual deep throat lyrics with his bad boy, bad attitude character. Unlike Brad Pitt we are not yet tired of this character, maybe in another decade or so. Shi Lebeouf is trying hard to move himself away from the weedy goofy teenager he has played in the past. Slowly moving towards becoming hollywoods hardman. Though I doubt he will ever get there, and nor should he, he needs to stick with action comedy in my opinion.

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