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I have been wanting to review this animated movie from the Marvel Universe for a while now, my main reason being is its close links to the Thor: Ragnarok movie. The third Thor installment is clearly an adaptation on this animation., and they couldn’t have picked a better story.

The movie sees Hulk (having been banished from earth by Tony Stark) crash onto an alien world where gladiatorial fighting is a common past time entertainment. The ruler of the planet is a menace and dark sinister motives become apparent as the film goes on.

It is only loosely similar to the Thor movie but the story itself is very different…

– both have Hulk fighting in the arena
– both have Golems
– both set on the same planet
– Thor is not in Hulk Planet however but Beta Ray Bill is (a character almost identical to Thor ) and they do fight in the arena.
– The Grand master is not part of Hulk Planet.

If I was to describe this move in a short sentence I would describe its as a Gladiator/Spartacus action with a zombie invasion. Yes I said zombie invasion, there is an element to this in the last 3rd of the movie with what I can only describe as a zombie like invasion? I will let you watch and discover what I mean yourself.

We have a movie where the hulk fights both as a gladiator and against a zombie like invasion, what more could you possibly want from an action packed anime. Don’t be put off by the fact its a cartoon, as it is very much caters for an older audience movie. I imagine this was created for Marvel comic fans rather than children.

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