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Movies are always more exciting when so many people are recommending and praising it, as it allows you to prepare for and remove all distractions when your ready to sit down and watch. This is exactly how I approached Ong-Bak. The general consensus was that this awesome movie where all the stunts are done free style making Jet-lee and Jackie Chan look like arthritis diseased sloths in comparison, I even heard someone call it Matrix without strings. Now I have never personally confirmed if this first Ong-Bak movie is truly freestyle or not but I choose to believe it, as there are some real triumphs of human ability within the stunts, my favourite of which (if real with no strings) was a quick hop across human heads as though they were stepping stones.

My review on this film may be a little bias as I love kung-fu fight scenes and all the little props and stunts done within those scenes. For example using bins, chairs and cups as weapons just as Jackie chan does for many of his movies, and this is certainly one of those. Despite all its loveable scenes you do get the real feeling that the movie was on a real budget with some not so experienced actors, however when you watch the 2nd and 3rd movies you will soon see an increase in budget and resources. Beware the sequels loose the magic of the first, but that will be for another review at another time.

Never has a tree climbing scene been so captivating, but that is exactly what you get here, a great but simple opening scene which forces you to keep watching. If your looking to watch this film then make sure you watch it in Subs. I’m not a fan of dubbed movies as they always make grown Asian men sound like little girls with American accents, furthermore don’t watch with those who have a closed mind, but rather like minded individuals who enjoy the simple things in movies. I have certain friends who moan at subtitles and only want to see gangsters, guns and drugs.


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Unfortunately Ong-bak is difficult to find, your best bet would be to try an amazon prime free trial and hope it is on one of their channels