What’s on HBO Now Christmas 2019

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December has begone and I am starting my round of Christmas Movies. Today we will be running through what is available on HBO this year. Top start with we had trouble fishing out all the festive hits, we is surprising given the huge popularity of the HBO service.

Jingle all the way

One of my all-time favourites, Arnold flexing his muscles in yet another cheesy poorly acted family comedy, but I still love it. As Arnold runs around New York trying to secure his Son the Action Figure he had promised he sop long ago, unfortunately it is all sold out!

Love Actually

This is the number one British Christmas of all time, not my personal favourite but any survey of British people and this would certainly come out on top. Following a series of lives leading up to Christmas and how Love overcomes everything. With a huge cast of international stars and Cameos, this is truly an epic film.

Santa Paws

Really only for kids and dog lovers, not a great movie but will keep the kids occupied as you bale your Christmas cake.

That seems to be it all! A very limited selection from HBO this year. We read other a few other blog posts that listed other movies, but we could not find these going through the entire HBO Library. I could be mistaken but I can only advise on what I can see.

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