About TrialForFree.com The Free Trial Database

The site dedicated to tracking down all the best free trials, be it entertainment, education or anything else, we find trials worldwide for you to take advantage of.

It all started when our founder (me) got his first Netflix Free Trial, 30 days of endless movies and boxsets. And then it occurred to me, where else can I get unlimited services for free. After much searching I gradually found a few music and film streaming sites along with a free snack box. I thought this is great, shame I just spent a whole evening looking for these freebies!. It was in that moment that trialforfree.com was conceived.

The majority of our trials are for US & UK , but many trials are also available worldwide so watch out for the national flags or even a globe to help guide you.

We have been searching for free trials since 2014 and if you are a regular you may have noticed many come and go over the years. The reason for this is we care about the feedback and the wider reviews of some of these free trials and so only offer a free trial if we are happy with both the quality and consistency of a service. So no need to worry we have everything covered.

One thing we are often asked is do we try these trials ourselves, the answer is yes we do. We highlight both positive and negatives in many of our reviews of the free trials and rank each out of 5 stars.