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Britbox free trial for the latest service from UK's biggest TV networks, bringing major British TV shows.

Is BritBox free with Amazon Prime?

BritBox is a 3rd party channel which can be added to your Amazon Prim Subscription but at an additional cost of $6.99 per month. No one wants to pay more than their Prime subscription. However this means you pay $83.88 per year. In the UK the British pay £150 per year for a TV lisence for access to all the same major shows and channels.

BritBox Vs AcornTV

We have done a full review of AcornTV here, and my true opinion is BritBox is far better based on the shows available. AcornTV has cheaper daytime TV and dated shows, where as BritBox has a much more complete selection of essential British TV from soaps and comdey. However Britbox is noticeably more expensive.

Can you watch BritBox on your TV?

A direct TV app may not be available for BritBox. However you can try a browser such as chrome on your smartTV. You can also use the APP on a number of devices such as phone, tablet, computer, Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku and connect to your tv with relevant cables.

How do I sign up for BritBox?

BritBox is easy to sign-up by adding an additional channel to your AmazonPrime account, just follow links on this page for your 7 day free trial and within a couple of clicks you will have complete access.

How to cancel britbox

If you have signed up through amazon then you can cancel and manage your channels on your account here...


If you have a direct subscription

1. Go to your profile
2. Click on “Account details”
3. Click on the “Subscription” tab
4. Click “Cancel Your Subscription” at the bottom of the page

Our Britbox review

Firstly the support in terms of device apps is up to scratch, being available on most devices, so not much more to review in accessibility.

When Reviewing Britbox it is impossible not to compare it to AcornTV, its only other real competitor offering British TV for US and Canadian residents. Britbox is clearly superior. You will have access to all the basic tv you would expect to be watching if in the UK. Soaps comedy and entertainment are all included. Interestingly if you were watching soaps you will have access to roughly a years backlogs of episodes. Which seems a little unnecessary as no one has ever re-watched historic soap episodes, but they are available none the less.

The reason Britbox have access to so much essential TV is because they are powered by the ITV and the BBC (the two major UK networks). This of course then begs the question.. Will shows for 4 or Channel 5 ever be available or will it be completely dictated by the other two networks?

I would say this service is for UK citizens outside the UK who miss basic soaps such as Eastenders and Emmerdale. Other than this the content is a little dull with exception of some decent entertainment TV, but nothing worth binging over like a top flight TV series such as Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Don’t expect much option in terms of movies, the ITV and BBC are not known for their constant airing of great movies.

To test this service yourself make sure to get your Britbox free trial.

BritBox Shows

A quick overview of all the essential TV available through Britbox.