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Fandor free trial provides 7 days access to mostly independent and award winning movies.

Fandor App

The Fandor app allows you to stream your Fandor subscription seamlessly off multiple devices. Fandor pride themselves on user experience, because of this they understand the importance for users to be able to access their service on as many devices as possible, including...
- TV
- Roku
- Chromecast
- Android
- Kindle

Fandor Amazon

Fandor is available through your Amazon video as an add on to your amazon prime subscription. There is no difference to the content, only the convenience of not having to put in payment or subscription details if you already have an amazon account.

Fandor Cost

The price can vary depending on your given location

USA: $3.99 pm through Amazon
UK: £3.49 pm through Amazon
Direct: $5.99 pm
Direct: 59.99 per annum

the Amazon deal is clearly the better deal financially, however you will not have such easy access to all the blogs, guides and reviews, which they put a lot of effort into.

Is Fandor Worth It ?

I would say the same I have said for similar services such as MUBI. A difficult question, for true movie lovers yes. For example I use to rent out 2 movies a month from my local Penny Farthing rental shop at £3.50 each. That’s over £30 a month for just a handful of films, and I always chose award winning, Oscar nominee movies. So at £3.39 or $3.99 it's absolutely worth it. However if you don't often get a chance to watch movies and/or you have other members of the family (kids or the wife) who may just binge TV series or watch cartoons then probably this is not for you.


To be totally honest there is little point trying to compare the 2. Fandor does not try to compete with Netflix as it does not have the same resources.

What Netflix is and Fandor is not…

- Library of binge watching TV series
- Suitable for all the family with action movies to kids cartoons
- Endless content
- Purely a streaming service (no blogs, guides, reviews or film experts/critics)
- Non-bespoke streaming services


Fandor is a movie streaming service specialising in mostly independent cinema, it is designed for those who do not wish to watch mainstream entertainment but rather the quirky and the experimental, but that does not mean that it does not have 1000s of great titles to choose from.

If you know your independent cinema then you know the potential content that is available on Fandor. The service was officially launched in 2011 at the South by South-West Festival conference in Austin, Texas. With a library of over 6000 movies outside of mainstream cinema they offer something really unique.

Fandor can be streamed from any device so Roku, Playstation, PC, Ipads, Apples, smart phones and any other device with a browser.

There is loads to love about Fandor, it has almost a romantic cinematic experience about it, which reminds me of drive-through move nights on a cool summer night. Movies should not just be about huge blockbusters with CGI s and large muscle bound men, but should also be about great story telling by actors with a romantic passion for cinema, and Fandor realise this. With the Fandor free trial you will be taken into a whole new experience of cinema as you are introduced to films you may not have heard of and some you will know. They go beyond just providing you with great films but they have their own blog populated with movie critics. This takes you much deeper into each film as you learn far more than you would on any other streaming service. I would compare this as going to a brewery and being taught everything about the beer they make, and by the end of it you can taste so many more flavours.

By merely having a complete and well run movie blog they show that they are not here to just make money out of online customers. They wish to spread their own love of cinema to the audience. You get a real feel that they know what they're doing at Fandor as the films are hand selected and you will soon notice that everything about this service from the layout of the user interface to the screen shots of every movie has an artistic feel .

Much of the content is foreign cinema, but they ensure all movies are award winning films, so there is much to discover on Fandor as you may not have heard of the content available. You can filter movies by both genre and country as well as always having spotlighted films if you find it hard to choose what to watch.

Fandor has one special feature that differs it from other streaming services, and that is the Fandor channel, an online movie channel that runs everyday showing countless movies hand selected by the experts at Fandor, which can take away the 20 minutes every Saturday night of flicking through only to end up watching some rubbish.

What I love about this service is how they are so different to any other streaming service. Unlike Netflix which will stick on any old rubbish just to have the most content and make as much money as possible they care about what they show. It is films like “The Beach Girls and the Monster” that makes me smile, why would they have such a random movie? Well you would only understand if you were a true cinema lover, there is a certain emotional awe about cult cinema, technically awful yet romantic, artistic, magical and above all enjoyable.

It is for all these reasons I suggest you get your Fandor Free Trial today!


If you wish to know all movies on Fandor then we suggest you go for the free trial, here are just a few below...


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