Best Movie & Streaming Sites with Free Trials

I have reviewed more streaming sites than probably anyone over the years from the mainstream to the smaller niche sites. Time to give my final verdict on what ones are the best and show just how many there are.

8 Top Movie/TV Streaming Services with free trials! (my picks)

• Amazon Prime – 30 Days

Amazon Channels – 7 to 30 Days

• Shudder – 7 Days

• Philo (US) – 7 Days

• Starz (US) – 7 Days

• Mubi – 7 Days

• Disney + - 7 Days

• Curiosity Stream – 30 Days

Netflix is still the best value movie and TV streaming site, however they no longer offer the free trial!

All Streaming Sites - In a Comparison Table

Pros and Cons of the Best Streaming Services Online

Amazon Prime Free Trial

It is difficult to fault as it offers loads of original series such as Vikings and Mr Robot and is well priced. In addition to this it also offers the benefit of music and free amazon deliveries.


  • Loads of entertaining original series
  • Includes music and free delivery on Amazon Prime products, (this has saved me loads of money over the years)
  • Compatible with most device


  • Lacks a larger library of movies

Amazon Channel Free Trials

Amazon channels are all the 3rd party subscriptions that you can add onto your Amazon Prime account. These vary from 7 to 30 days free but require you to have an Amazon account. I like it as you can easily try out other streaming services content such as HBO Now, Shudder, Starz and many more through your Amazon account.


  • Dozens of free trials with unlimited content between them
  • Can stream countless services on your Amazon Prime app


  • Requires you to also pay for Amazon Prime
  • Too easy to add lots of channels which adds up to a lot of monthlies

Philo Free Trial

Philo is our only cord-cutting service within our top 9. It is just cheap and hassle free with the free trial. It may not offer loads of add-ons like Sling TV or AT&T TV Now but it is just easy and effective.


  • Cheap
  • Easy signup and cancellation


  • No local channels
  • Only one limited upgrade package for those looking for more

Shudder Free Trial

Shudder is by far the best horror only streaming service and is available directly and through Amazon channels. Its value for money does not compare with Amazon or Netflix but does serve one of the biggest movie niches.


  • Online TV channel with a stream of great movies
  • Fantastic horror cult collection
  • Best niche service


  • Content not for everyone
  • Value for money does not compare with Netflix or Amazon

Starz Free Trial

Starz is in my opinion the best premium Network. Although HBO offers Game of Thrones Starz also offers great series for someone like me such as Spartacus. However, at time of review the selection of movies is far better with some real gems and fantastic classics.


  • Great movies
  • Great series
  • Easy to get and cancel


  • Others would disagree
  • Not as good value as Amazon or Netflix

Mubi Free Trial

Mubi is a bit more of a snobby service which hand picks award winning movies every week. The movies they pick are mostly fantastic movies that I would not have watched otherwise which is why this is worth a try, especially if you fancy yourself as a movie connoisseur.


  • Fantastic movies
  • Takes the stress out of finding a movie


  • Paying a fair price for not a lot of content
  • Not for the family

Disney + Free Trial

It's difficult to not include the newest kid on the block. One of Disney's biggest moves by throwing almost all their content to view through this service. Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic.


  • Loads of massive movie franchises
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Finally, competition for Netflix and Amazon


  • Still lacks many decent series at current time

Curiosity Stream Free Trial

This is a niche service you will either love or hate. Offering factual content and documentaries. Much of the content is cheaply made documentaries however if you are like me and find such content intriguing and addictive then it is definitely worth a try. Available for 30 days free on Amazon channels.


  • Very interesting and addictive content


  • A lot of second rate documentaries

Cord-Cutting/ Internet TV services Free trials (US)

Cord-cutting service are just traditional Cable TV services that are available through the Internet rather than a cable or satellite.  Some of these services are stand alone and have come from well known TV providers such as Dish or AT&T. These are great services to save money on regular TV but will require a reliable internet connection.

Best cord-cutting services in order

  1. Philo
  2. Sling TV
  3. Fubo TV
  4. AT&T TV NOW
  5. Hulu Live TV


  • Lots of live channels
  • Most have local channels
  • Most have options for lots of add-ons including premium networks such as HBO Now
  • Can provide content for the whole family
  • Can be included with your internet package depending on your provider
  • Cuts the need for a more expensive cable or satellite subscription


  • Can be expensive
  • Require a decent internet connection
  • On-demand may be limited to what your Cloud memory allows
  • Have to pay for a lot of extras
  • Seem to only be an American thing with very few similar services anywhere else in the World

Horror Movie Streaming Sites Free Trials

All horror streaming site are just on-demand service like Netflix except they just offer horror and thriller related content.

Best horror streaming services in order

  1. Shudder
  2. ScreamBox
  3. Fear Factory
  4. Horror TV


  • Great offering of a niche sector
  • Usually cheaper than other services
  • Some offer Blogs and Vlogs for a more in-depth fan following


  • Limited content compared to other services
  • Less value for money
  • Not family friendly
  • Might give you nightmares

Premium networks Streaming Sites/Apps Free Trials (US)

Premium networks are the networks usually with the biggest budgets that create the best hows such as Game of Throwns, Spartacus, Power and much more. These services typically go through seasonal popularity based on series that are currently on air. They are popular for anyone currently following a new TV series from a particular network.

Best Premium Networks in order

  1. Starz
  2. HBO Now
  3. Showtime
  4. Cinemax
  5. CBS All Access
  6. Epix


  • Great for current and popular series
  • Most have a great selection of box-sets
  • Good rotation of big movies depending what is shown on the network
  • Great at peak seasons such as Christmas and Halloween


  • Can be pricey
  • Less content in low seasons such as summer
  • You will mostly only get content owned by the network

Sport Streaming Service Free Trials

Sport streaming service usually focus on 1 sport. They are great for fans usually with lots of extra content for when there are no games or events coming up.

Best Sport Streaming Services in order

  1. NBA League Pass
  2. NFL Game Pass
  3. Eurosport
  4. Motortrend


  • Great for die-hard fans of specific sports
  • Premium content with live games
  • Allows you to watch your chosen sport online and on the go without a TV subscription.


  • Can be pricey
  • Most only cater for 1 sport
  • Seasonality

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